Seventh Generation Learning Series


“In every deliberation, we must consider the impact on the seventh generation… even if it requires having skin as thick as the bark of a pine.”

– The Constitution of the Iroquois Nation – The Great  Binding Law


The Tucker House Seventh Generation Learning Series is a modular set of presentations and workshops on a variety of sustainability topics. It promotes integrated sustainable living practices in the greater Ottawa area through engaging and informative content. We have two versions of our learning series, one for children and youth, and another on for adults. (Download Program Descrptions)


The Seventh Generation Learning Series includes 5 workshops as part of our learning series. See the descriptions of the workshops below:


sustainabilitySimple Living: This workshop is a participatory exploration of ways to simplify your life.Moving at an unprecedented speed physically, mentally and spiritually, we are “stuff-aholics” craving inner peace. With consciousness and creativity, come and clarify simple choices you can begin to integrate into your life immediately. Learn how to live an abundant life while living simply.


GES_logoGet Energy Smart: This seminar covers easy energy conservation options for people who are interested in becoming greener, but are overwhelmed by all of the information and not sure how to get started. Using a real life case study, we explain how lowering your Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions can actually save you money with little to no financial investment. The focus is on four areas for reducing GHG emissions: Home, Transportation, Food and Consumption/Waste.


localfoodSustainable Food: The choices we make about food can have a significant impact on the planet. This session discusses some of the ways our food production system impacts the environment and how local eating and organic agriculture can mitigate these impacts.


greenbuildingEcological Home Renovations: This seminar explains how to renovate your home in an environmental friendly way, incorporating eco-friendly and healthy materials, reducing waste and off-gassing, and also reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It covers how to get the best return from your renovations.


renewable_energiesSustainable Energy: This seminar teaches about a variety of available renewable energy alternatives with explanations of how the technology works. We discuss how you can utilize sustainable power at home and save money as well as the planet.




We also have a learning series for children and youth, to learn more click here!


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