Prescott-Russell Environmental Network

June 6th 2013 –  We had a great first meeting today with a theme of water stewardship.  Naomi from South Nation Conservation, Meaghan from Riverkeepers and Jennifer from Voyageur park illuminated us on the issues and opportunities this theme.  We felt a lot of energy building for us to be able to work together to ward off an intensely invasive Water chestnut water lily that is threatening to coat the Ottawa River.

Kristina and Brenda from Sustainable Eastern Ontario shared about their capacity building work for the environmental sector.  They can help with expertise on bookkeeping, communication and grant collaborations.  Super valuable!

Kara and Kristina from Tucker House shared about our three year Green Design project with Trillium.  We explained how we build the relationships and plans to put the pieces in place to teach the community about the eco-saviness of eco renovations.

We identified some priorities for the network

1. Time together to connect and understand the sector

2. Build a citizen’s movement of volunteers and support for sustainability actions and policies

3. Support each other with outreach through our networks and distribution of materials and promotions and sharing booths and other collaboration

4. A clear list and contacts of the organizations and people working in this are


Frequency of meetings

Twice a year meetings, early Spring and Fall

Look for communications from Bonnie.