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350 Ottawans attend Film Premier July 9th and 10th at the Mayfair Theater!



The Mayfair was a packed house for the world premiere of David Chernusenko’s Bike City, Great City documentary.  Attendees were treated with a question and answer period from the director on the 9th and a panel of very knowledgeable speakers on the 10th.  Jeff Walker Vice President of Public Affairs from the Canadian Automobile Association talked about the importance of constructive dialogue between all transportation stakeholders all around the country and avoiding the temptation to get into the ‘car vs bike’ debate, which leads us to a dead end.  Judi Varga-Toth, manager of community sustainability programs at Envirocentre pressed on the importance of citizen using their voice to encourage politicians on the good work they are doing for sustainable transportation infrastructure. Hans Moore, president of Citizens for Safe Cycling told interesting stories from his experiences with talks across the country and within council meetings here in Ottawa – check out his blog for all things bike commuting in ottawa.

There were many good questions from the audience about the practicalities of bike ownership, maintenance, winter biking, suggestions for safer cycling options in Ottawa and where to call if you see unsafe conditions on the roads for Cycling. You can call 311 and report a hazardous area or email  We thank our sponsors for the July 10th panel discussion the Canadian Automobile Association and Envirocentre for their financial support and the Community Energy Network of Eastern Ontario for organizing the event.





Cities great for cycling are better places for everyone.

Take an uplifting ride through cities that are embracing cycling as a liberating, convenient and healthy way to get around.



BCGC-David-NYCChernushenko, a city councillor in Ottawa, Ontario, is determined to make his hometown a better city for cycling. In 2011, the League of American Bicyclists and Share the Road Coalition recognized Ottawa with a Silver rating for bike friendliness. Silver is good, but it’s not Gold.

David wants Ottawa — and every American and Canadian city — to strive for Gold, and he’s going to take us on a ride to find out how it can be done. He’ll show us how Copenhagen set the gold standard for cycling and quality of life, and look at what some North American cities are doing right.

Directed by David Chernushenko. Produced by Terry Kimmel and Tucker House Renewal Centre.

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About Films for Change

Tucker House Renewal Centre is developing the second film in our “Films For Change” partnership. We are partnering with the Ottawa-based living lightly educator and film producer/director David Chernushenko. (Powerful: Energy for Everyone, 2010; Be the Change, 2008)

In support of Tucker House’s mandate to educate and encourage sustainable living, we are helping to produce and publicize Bike City, Great City, a fun and informative film that shows how any city that makes cycling trips easier and safer becomes a city that is more vibrant, healthier, safer and attractive to move to, commit to and visit.

Bike City, Great City is geared to a North American urban audience, illustrating how cities like Copenhagen and Amsterdam became the “gold standard” for cycling and quality of life, and why/how Canadian and American cities want and deserve some of that gold.

This independent, crowd-funded film will be made with the support of hundreds of people who see better/safer/more cycling as an important piece of a sustainable future.


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