Collaborative Leadership

Tucker House is a leader in the environmental sector to build the capacity of organizations and community groups be their very best.

We have four programs where we are founding collaborators in creating the structures and relationship to make sustainability sustainable.

  • The National Capital Environmental Non-profit Network (NCENN) meets monthly in Ottawa at City Hall,  to connect and share between initiatives.  The yearly Funder’s Forum connects people helping fund environmental projects with people searching for funding for their initiatives. 
  • The Prescott Russell-Environmental Network (PREN) is gaining momentum to connect and build the environmental movement in the rural communities. 
  • The Community Energy Network (CEN)  of Eastern Ontario promotes green job opportunities, offers energy conservation workshops and hold retreats for businesses and organizations who are committed to moving the renewable energy and conservation agenda forward. 
  • Films For Change is our way of telling the story of sustainability to the world by helping produce important inspiring films that communicate the vision of sustainable living.

Our collaborative leadership projects have been successful to make great impact in the community.  We work with in partnership with community groups on many inspiring projects.

  • The Sustainability Tour of Ottawa launched on September 14th, 2013 in partnership with the Ottawa Bio-Eco City Council (OBEC) featuring 10 sites of excellence examples of sustainability initiatives in our community.
  • The 3i Summit in May 2012 was an event to remember, bringing  the community together from diverse backgrounds to energize the launch of over 30 concrete initiatives. 
  • Clarence Island Shoreline Restoration Project with Clarence-Rockland Environmental Society (CRES) has pulled the community together save the community access to Clarence Island in Rockland, restore the shoreline, and educate the community about the importance of shoreline stewardship.
  • The Green Roof project at the Rockland Library with the support of TD Friends of the Environment funding transformed a grey roof into a delightful green-space.
  • We work with Boise Est on a regular basis to run education workshops to encourage forest stewardship.